I'm Looking For Busy High Achieving Women Who Are Ready To Heal Their PCOS Naturally!

Are You Ready To Fix Your Painful, Irregular & Unpredictable Periods?

Without being told to 'just lose weight', take birth control or cut our major food groups.

Your hormones are not only getting in the way of your physical and mental health...
They are also slowing you down in business.

Let's Face It...


  • Your periods are so irregular you have no clue how to track them
  • ​Your mood swings, anxiety and PMS are out of control 
  • ​Your doctor has only prescribed birth control and told you to loose weight
  • ​You're always tired, struggle to concentrate and have brain fog
  • ​You've tried all the expensive supplements and restricitve diets without any results to be seen
  • ​You've lost touch with your femininity due to not feeling confident in your body, and struggling with facial hair
  • ​You're worried about not being able to start a family in the future

These symptoms affect your everyday life and get overlooked by society as well as the medical industry.
PCOS has further implications relating to higher miscarriages rates, increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes and uterine cancer as well as high blood pressure.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

You can take back control of your health. You can take back control of your cycle. 
You can honor your feminine energy and use it to propel you forward in business and your personal life.

You Can Naturally Heal Your PCOS!

Just have a look at these AMAZING results

"I'm emotionally healthier"

"I don't have to live with the aggravating, embarrassing, life stealing symptoms of PCOS. I understand what I need to do to get better. I feel like a weight has been lifted off. I have a blueprint, a plan."

"Tianna has absolutely changed my life."

"I was so confused when I got diagnosed with PCOS, Tianna was so comforting and warm. She's like a friend. Tianna made it easy. She gave me everything that I loved eating in a healthier, low carb form and I have lost so much weight, and my brain feels so much clearer."
- Kayla

"I highly recommend Tianna"

"Tianna has absolutely changed my life! I've lost so much weight, and I feel so much better.  It felt like I was talking to a friend of sister (cyster).  She was so comforting and soothing."

"I've learnt that food equals mood."

"I feel so much better about myself and healthwise things are so much better. Tianna is seriously amazing, she's got so much love to give."  

"It's one of the best things I've ever done"

o"I was a sweet-o-holic and I am a Registered Nurse. If Tianna could help me, she can help anyone. I've learned to manage my sweet and carb intake. I've been abe to get rid of my stubborn belly fat."

"Working with Tianna has been a blessing"

"I would definately recommend her because of her knowledge and passion behind helping people reach their fertility goals."

These symptoms affect your everyday life 
and get overlooked by society as well as the medical industry.

PCOS has further implications relating to increased miscarriage rates, increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes, uterine cancer and high blood pressure.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can take back control of your health. You can take back control of your cycle. You can honor your feminine energy and use it to propel you forward in business and your personal life.

Girl, I Get It!

I know what it's like to be diagnosed with PCOS and sent home hopeless, overwhelmed with a lack of structured information on how to manage. Just continue trying to live through painful and irregular periods.

Due to PCOS related hormone imbalances I lost my first son Logan, when I was 6 months pregnant. This lead me to create Love Served Warm.
I want to help you heal your hormones naturally, so that you can:
  • Experience a healthy and regular cycle
  • ​Get back in touch with your femininity
  • Reduce mood swings and cravings
  • ​Have the ability to have a healthy and complete pregnancy
My signature methodology has allowed me to naturally manage my own PCOS symptoms and give birth to two rainbow babies. 
I have served and helped over 300 women learn to manage their PCOS symptoms, and I would love to help you too!

Dear Cyster,

Do you find PCOS exhausting? 
Are you sick of not knowing  when your next period will be?
Do you feel like you are not yourself anymore because your moodswings have taken over? 
Are you tired of trying out 'PCOS friendly' recipes just to find that they don't taste great and don't fill you up? 
Have you had enough of searching for the best hair removal hack?
Are you overwhelmed by all the different workout programmes and diets out there?

Are you ready to finally get professional help in regaining control of your health, fertility and confidence?

If so.. You've come to the right place.

The success that over 300 women have had with the methods used by Love Served Warm lies in the simple forumla:

The Healthy Period Protocol 

Is Made For The Entrepreurial Woman Who Wants To Be Empowered By Her Cycle, Not Controlled By It 

!!!! This Is NOT Your Standard Cookie-Cutter Approach!!!

The 5 phases are tailored specifically to your PCOS type and your goals. Say goodbye to feelings of hopelessness and hello to a custom holistic healing journey that will have you feeling good in all areas of life.

PHASE 1: Period Healing Mindset

The first part of healing your hormones involves unlearning everything know about nutrition and hormones. Learn to stop self sabotaging, deal with limiting beliefs and develop a vision to help you stay on track and heal your hormones.

PHASE 2: Your Period Report Card

Learn what the fundamentals of a healthy period and the most common hormonal imbalances. Explore your symptoms in depth, and understand the root cause of the issues keeping you from living your best life.

PHASE 3: Support your Cycle

Time to honor your feminine power and learn how to take back control of monthly flow. As you regain your power, learn how to support your body during the breakup with birth control, and how to hack your cycle to increase productivity in life and business.

PHASE 4: Nutrition For Healthy Periods

Discover the foods that aren't serving you and how to replace them with nourishing alternatives that taste great! Be guided in your journey of understanding food labels and picking out the ingredients to heal your period.

PHASE 5: Maintenance

Take full control of your health and wellbeing by creating healthy habits and routines. During this phase you'll learn how to still enjoy eating out at your favourite places and meal prep so your body is nourished even when time to cook is limited. This phase is all about equipping you with everything you need to continue being empowered by your cycle instead of being controlled by it.

The Ingredients For Your Healing Journey

  • Weekly 45-minute private calls with top hormone expert and PCOS health coach, Tianna  ($6,000 value)
  • Lifetime access to pre-recorded educational videos and coursework, plus all future updates  ($5,000 value)
  • Series of workbooks to help you plan, visualize and keep track of your transformation               ($1,000 value)
  • Personalized resources and exclusive recipes to ease you into meal prepping and healing your hormones ($3,000 value)
  • Unlimited daily support via private messaging app ($2,000 value)
  • Accountability and support to keep you focused in your journey to healing your painful and irregular periods (priceless!)

Total Value: +$17,000


Payment plans start as low as $997 per month

Even More Amazing Client Results!

The Healthy Period Protocol Is For You If You Want To:

  • Be empowered by your cycle and watch your business explode as you learn how to cycle synch!
  • ​Regain control of your mood and increase energy levels
  • ​See food as fuel and learn how to heal your intense cravings without cutting out major food groups or restricting your favourite meals
  • ​Have a regular and trackable monthly cycle, where your heavy flow doesn't leave you curled up in pain from intense cramps
  • ​Be confident in your body and get in touch with your feminine power
  • ​Stop worrying about PCOS affecting your ability to have a family in the future
  • ​Loose the extra pounds that have been weighing you down for years, with a custom plan made specifically for you
  • ​Have support and guidance throughout your healing journey
This is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix, or aren't committed to putting in the work 
to take back control of your health! 
The Healthy Period Protocol is all about sustainable lifestyle changes that bring out the most productive and amazing CEO out in you, whilst giving you the tools and support to find empowerment in your monthly cycle.

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